Baby led weaning: Pinwheels 

This recipe was suggested to me by others at one of our baby groups. I Think it’s a great idea, so many different filling possibilities. 


  • Ready to roll block puff pastry
  • Filling(s) of your choice; I used cooked apple and puréed raisins on this occasion 


  • Roll out pastry
  • Spread/distribute fillings
  • Roll up like a Swiss roll
  • Slice
  • Bake in oven 180 degrees C for 15 min or until golden brown; see picture below


It seems we have success. Ok, I admit, the first one got thrown on the floor. But after that the best part of a full pinwheel was eaten, and they are quite big! 

At 7 and a half months, this young lady does have a healthy appetite and her motor skills are getting (scarily) very good. I am amazed by how quickly she learns new skills.

I tried one and they are actually very yummy. Having just lost the baby weight I now discover these, oops. Will have to check the calorie count on these if I’m gonna be picking them out of the fridge (seems all too easily done) but then it’s all good wholesome food. Will try to leave some for my daughter, oh and her Daddy – I’ll try to leave at least one until he gets back from work….

Future pinwheel filling suggestions are very welcome (please)! I’m thinking pizza, also a fish paste type filling might work well.


Baby Led Weaning 1: Quick Porridge Fingers

Today was the first day I managed to cook anything from ‘The Baby Led Weaning Cookbook’ by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett.

Quick Porridge Fingers seemed a good candidate for a first attempt. The recipe could not be more simple:

  • 3 level tbsp Porridge oats 
  • 100ml Milk (oat milk for us)
  • Microwave (!) full power for 2 mins or 15 min oven 190 degrees C/ gas mark 5

    And there they are. 


    The recipe ‘worked’, they held their shape and were of a soft yet edible consistency.

    Now, they tasted to me rather like reconstituted card-board.

    But our little food critic seemed to be impressed. She did have a good go at them (alongside various other breakfast items today).

    Maybe babies have a different taste palate to myself, it might be that she is just as likely to have a go at eating them as she is a handful of fluff off the carpet…. or maybe she does like them. Either way, this bodes well for future cooking sessions.

    Previously I have not imagined it possible to do any cooking whilst looking after a clingy Velcro-baby with the attention span of a gnat. At this age 7 and a half months she has all of a sudden become much more likely to entertain herself playing on her mat or high chair. It’s a nice feeling to prepare her some healthy, wholesome food. 

    Next time round I will try using yogurt instead of milk (coconut based, to make it dairy and soya free for us) and mixing some fruit purée. 

    First blog post

    First blog post

    This blog is to share experiences of life with my baby daughter and channel my obsession with all things food, health, nutrition and lifestyle. I would be extremely happy if it helped at least one other person in some way.

    To hopefully build a semi-organized account of things as I work through them, collecting tips, recipes and life experiences.

    My style will be straight and to the point (Nobody likes reading through reems of waffle, so will keep it to a minimum).

    Having worked various roles in the healthcare sector within England and Wales for many years, I one day hope to specialize in nutrition by becoming a Dietitian or Nutritionist in future (looking into it). Wish me luck.